Accommodation Violet Town

Euroa Motor Inn is located just 10 minutes away from Violet Town. 

There aren't any motels in Violet Town, but don't worry we're not far!

We provide Accommodation for Violet Town due to its close proximity. Our motel is popular for guests or market stall holders of the well known Violet Town Market where they have the opportunity to unwind and relax before the big day.

Speak to one of our staff members and we'll be happy to direct you towards Euroa if required! 

Frequently asked questions

What is Body by Brick ?

Body By brick provides a functional, yet bodybuilding style of training. This is a game plan for those that are seeking the aesthetics (LOOK GOOD NAKED), but also the side of fitness focused on performance action. This program is designed for people who have had some experience following or reading a workout program with dedicated compliance. You will be challenged in the best way possible without spending hours in the gym. Learn what your body needs through experiencing quality movement. If you have been on the fence about trying functional fitness, then now is the time!

​What is included:

Truecoach access, for 12 weeks of programming with reload week included. Access to BrickBuilt coach during the 12 week duration for questions or concerns. Strength/ endurance/ functional movements. Metabolic condition / aerobic capacity. 5 days a week with built in active recovery days Exercise library with demos for each movement. Youtube video exercise list for all movements here The option to add macro guidance challenge as an up charge. Your best NAKED self!

What equipment will I need to accomplish the Body by Brick programming?

Access to a full global gym, Crossfit gym or full stocked home gym (details required). 60-75 mins throughout workout duration ( days required may vary). Commitment level of 6 weeks at a time.

What is the difference between the phases?

Each phase is progressed upon one another but it is NOT required to do in order!

​I do Crossfit, can I do Body by Brick too?

We typically write personalized programming and accessory work that is specific for our Crossfitters that accommodate for your personal strengths, weaknesses, and volume.

​How do I purchase Body By Brick?

Click here!