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Accommodation Violet Town

Euroa Motor Inn is located just 10 minutes away from Violet Town. 

There aren't any motels in Violet Town, but don't worry we're not far!

We provide Accommodation for Violet Town due to its close proximity. Our motel is popular for guests or market stall holders of the well known Violet Town Market where they have the opportunity to unwind and relax before the big day.

Speak to one of our staff members and we'll be happy to direct you towards Euroa if required! 

  • Are there any motels in Violet Town?
    Unfortunately there aren't any motels in Violet Town, though there are three motels located in Euroa.
  • Where is the closest motel to Violet Town?
    Euroa Motor Inn is the closet motel to Violet Town, Victoria. It is exactly 20.0km and a 15 minute drive via the Hume Freeway.
  • How far is Violet Town from Euroa?
    Violet town is only 22km and a 17 minute drive from Euroa, Victoria.
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